Friday, February 03, 2012

52: Clip a Corner

What's a girl to do when she wants to create a layered look, but doesn't want to use up a whole sheet of gorgeous paper? Create a border all around the page of course!

I received an order of CM products the other day and was so excited to unpack and play with the Reflections Power Palette. I have been anxiously waiting for this palette to arrive as I LOVE the colors! (Check out this post for more on WHY I love it so much!)

One paper in the decorative paper pack was an all-over leaf print with touches of silver foil. I could envision using it on so many layouts, so I decided to use it sparingly to get maximum exposure! Instead of using a whole sheet as a backgound on which I was planning on adding a solid color as the foundation for my photos, I decide to use my mitred border technique, which I originally shared on my blog here.

It's a very simple technique and I'll use a couple of pictures from that previous blog post to illustrate it again. Simply cut four 1" strips, ovelap two strips at a time at the corner and "clip" through the two strips from the inside to the outside corner:

When you repeat it on all four corners and then place and adhere the strips along the edges of your background paper, you'll acheive a mitred corner effect like this:

The mitred effect is best with stripes, but also can work with a small scale all-over patterned paper - it's simple, but lovely.

So I trimmed my Reflections leaf patterned paper, clipped my corners and added them onto a solid pale turquoise background. I quickly arranged three black and white photos of my younger son, one cardstock sticker, two die-cut flowers and one die-cut leaf from the coordinating embellishments. I finished off with handwritten journaling and another simple but lovely layout was done!

So, the next time you want to use a little paper for maximum effect, try clipping your corners!

Have a great weekend!
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