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Week in the Life - Days 6 & 7

I got sidetracked with all the website drama in the midst of my Week in the Life Project and didn't finish posting the photos and notes from the last two days of the week. SO I am trying to catch up now...only a week later! Anyway...this is more to record the info for posterity, but I hope you get a kick out of it and enjoy my account of just a couple of ordinary days of this SAHM! least the photos of the kids are kinda cute!

Friday April 23, 2010:

I love Fridays. Even though I am not working outside the home, Friday always signifies the beginning of the weekend to me. I love the feeling of anticipation that builds up - whether we have special events planned or just some relaxing-at-home time. I must have really been anticipating things that were coming up, because I really forgot about taking pictures of a lot of things today (...only 29 shots and most of them not so great! Oh well...the finished page about today will be mostly journaling and pretty paper I guess!)

Anyway...we were up and at 'em early (for us, anyway) since Shane had left his keys in his jacket pocket which got locked in the meeting room last room. He grabbed a ride home with a friend, but I had to load up the boys and drive him downtown with the extra set of keys. I wasn't too happy battling downtown traffic at 7:00 am when I would normally be having a nice cup of steamy creamy coffee!

But, after we dropped him off, we treated ourselves to some tasty breakfast sandwiches and that much-needed coffee for mom at Timmy's. I also stopped for the fact that our local CO-OP store has full-serve...I hate smelling like gas after pumping my own. For the record...gas was priced at 92.9 cents per litre.

The rest of the morning was putzing around and playing and getting ready for school. Sam has figured out that he can get up to see what's going on by dragging a box around and using it as a stepstool. He is climbing on everything now.

After dropping off Grayson at school, Sam and I headed down to meet Addison - my cousin's new baby girl. Is there anything more precious than a newborn?

Unfortunately it was a quick visit - my cousin lives 40 minutes away from me so by the time we got there we had only about 45 minutes before we had to make the trek back to pick up Grayson.

We hurried home to put Sam down for a nap and to get ready for me to go facilitate an evening crop. Grayson made his own snack...he's getting to be a pretty independent boy.

Sam woke up from his nap...

and we played for a while. I got some supper in the oven for the boys and got myself ready to head out to the crop. And Shane was late. Arrrgh. I guess I can't count on traffic working out in our, but I hate committing to being somewhere and then not being on time. Especially when others are waiting for me. Anyway...I got there about 20 minutes late and had a lovely evening with 5 or 6 ladies. I CAN'T BELIEVE I DIDN'T TAKE A PICTURE! And I was even talking all about the Week in the Life Project. Another arrrgh! Anyway...I did get a start on creating the pages for our new Week in the Life album, which was great. I do need to pick up some more divided page protectors, which I love to use for projects like this.

I got home just in time to watch the end of Who Do You Think You Are (Susan Sarandon) and the finale of Jamie's Food Revolution. Both great shows that actually make you consider your past and present. A cup of tea with Shane and off to bed.

Saturday April 24, 2010:

Busy busy day...and I took a WHOLE lot more photos today - 93 to be exact! Not all are great, but there is something about taking lots that make you look more in depth at and be more aware of what is happening around you. Cool.

I told Shane about this project and since he was at home today he thought he would try to get a few photos too. This is such a lovely shot of me checking email and having that blessed first cup of coffee in the morning.

Sheesh honey...did you have to get in so close? Man! Well, I managed ot get a pic of him doing one of the things he loves most...surfing!

Later on in the morning we headed out to a birthday party for Grayson's friend Logan. It was at the VRRI, a local recreation centre in Calgary which is great for active boys. Grayson was hanging on tight to Logan's present and it took a lot of convincing for him to remember that it was a present FOR Logan, not FROM him!

This was the first birthday party that I was going to leave Grayson at once the party got started. Logan's mom had had the same experience leaving Logan with me at Grayson's party back in February, so she encouraged me to go ahead and head out for a while. Grayson wasn't so sure about me leaving him there without me, so I stayed around for a little while to reassure him. The kids headed into the gym for some play time on the fun equipment and once he was settled in, he just looked at me and said "OK, bye mom!" When I left him, he was having fun in the gym and when I picked him up a couple of hours later, THIS is what he looked like!

YIKES! Logan's party was an Avatar theme and the face painter did an amazing job! Grayson was over the moon and didn't want to touch his face or wash it off ever! We needed to go grocery shopping, so my little avatar came along in the grocery store and certainly caused some heads to turn!

This was an average grocery shop...

...$121.00 worth!

We stopped by grandpa's house to show him Grayson's fabulous face as well as check in on his new bathroom. One of the plum bushes in his backyard was just starting to bloom. It always surprises me when I see it, so I thought it was a good idea to snap a photo so I could compare bloom dates in future years. It was unusual to see leaves from last fall still on the tree...but I love the pink blossoms just starting to peek out.

Shane had borrowed his brother's truck to take a load or two of renovation debris off to the dump. He had it half loaded when it started to rain (which later turned to heavey, wet, snow!) so we spent the rest of the afternoon playing Wii instead.

I laugh that Sam tries to use the remote to play along too. But, he is starting to get the hang of it and at least knows the general idea. Remotes are fascinating to him right now.

Normally we eat supper in the kitchen, but I didn't have any photos of it. Tonight was not the night to take a pic though as both boys were very touchy and were prone to crying or anger at the slightest provocation by the other. Sheesh. What a happy family mealtime.

After supper our normal nightly routine is baths, bedtime stories and cuddles while drinking some milk and then off to bed. It sounds pleasant and straightforward, but not tonight. Grayson was mad that he had to get his Avatar makeup washed off...

...and Sam was mad probably just because Grayson was mad!

I was just plain tired. We finally all settled in and watched Babar together for a few minutes.

But both boys must have been really tired, because they went to bed with no complaints, fell asleep right away and we didn't hear another sound from them. Peace at last. I got in a little bit of scrapbooking downstairs while catching up on shows I PVR'ed over the week. I love my quiet time and I love that I have the big screen downstairs with me to watch while I create. Add in a diet coke and some M&M's, and it's all good!

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