Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Five

It's been a while since we we did a Friday Five Roundup! Here are some great sites, freebies and ideas to check out over the weekend:

1) FREE Ella eBook Sample!

I have been a fan of Ella Publishing Company since they opened last year. Angie Lucas and Wendy Smedley are currently at the helm of this great eBook publishing company, so you know you are going to get a good dose of Simple Scrapbooks philosophy! The free eBook has tips and tricks from all six of the eBooks Ella has already published, and includes tips from Stacy Julian, Rebecca Cooper, Cathy Zielske and more. Get yours here!

2) Cathy Zielske' Digital "School of Life" Albums

Are you a digital scrapper looking for a way to create school album for your kids? CZ to the rescue! She has created a set of digital templates to capture your kids special school moments easily and cohesively.

[caption id="attachment_1355" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Cathy Zielske's 12 x 12 School Album Templates"][/caption]

Not a digi scrapper? Read the post'll still be inspired to get your kids school albums and get lots of ideas!

3) Scrapbooks & Cards Today Magazine

I re-discovered this little gem last week when Jamie Cripps (one of our DT members) had a layout  featured on their site. I had forgotten that you can download the entire magazine for FREE! Love that! Currently you can download the Winter issue, but the Spring issue is just around the corner. AND, you can access and download all of their archived issues! Yes! It's like a scrapbookers goldmine! And check out their blog and sketches featuring Becky Fleck. Lots of inspiration here!

4) Club CK

Did you know that Creating Keepsakes magazine has scaled back their publication from 12 issues per year to only 8? I guess this is another casuality of the decline of the magazine industry that we first saw happening last year when Simple Scrapbooks magazine ceased publication. CK has also lost a few of their big names - Ali Edwards, Becky Higgins, Elizabeth Kartchner and founding editor Lisa Bearnson are no longer regular columnists with the magazine, (but I am told that they will continue to contibute or be open to contributing as their time permits!)  But CK is rallying with a cool new idea - "Club CK"! I first found out about it when I picked up this special CK issue:

I researched this new club and wanted to let you know what kind of perks they are offering to Club CK members. For $34.95 you receive 4 issues of the new Tips and Tricks publication, an exclusive welcome gift, discounts on CK events, discounts from partner sponsors (there are 12 so far and the number is growing), a huge font library to access, and (what I think is the most valuable part) access to hundreds of back issues of CK, Simple Scrapbooks and special issues! There is also a great new site for members - I signed up for it because of all the back issues...there were lots of SS issues I never got my hands on so I was thrilled to have access to them this way! You can sign up here (and no, I am not an affiilate or anything...I just think it's a cool idea!) 


I wrote about this super cool site a year or so ago, but it is so useful and fun that it bears another post! It works with flickr and has some wonderful applications for your photos...a color palette generator, mosaic maker, CD cover, calendar, Trading cards, badge maker, magazine cover, photo booth strip and so much more. Get a load of this cool Andy Warhol style photo I made using my profile pic:

Check out all the applications here and have lots of fun playing!

I am off to get ready for one of the largest charity crops in Calgary - Crop4Kids - which benefits the phenomenal Alberta Childrens Hospital (a place we know too well, I'm afraid!). I am teaching a class and doing some make & takes for the 100 ladies who will be in attendance. I am SO excited to help raise money for this amazing cause. I'll have a report and some photos on Monday.

Also next week we'll have the launch of our new products for Spring, some great ideas from our DT and an Easter freebie you won't want to miss! Have a great weekend and we'll see you next week!


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